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Eve Langelier, Quebec

"While Quebec and Canada are known for being progressive societies, the under-representation of women in STEM persists. It is important to continue our efforts to tear down barriers that are limiting women from having happy and successful careers in STEM."

- Eve Langelier, Ing. Ph.D., NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering Quebec Region



Chaire pour les femmes en sciences et en génie au Québec


 For an Improved Representation of Women in Science and Engineering

The NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering in Quebec is intended for every girl and women of all grade levels, from elementary to university, and for women in the labour market. The Chair's main objective is to increase the participation of women in science and engineering.

To ensure the better integration of women into science and engineering, we can improve women's autonomy by: giving them access to jobs offering good salaries and positions of power; creating respectful work environments between men and women where both can complement and balance one another; getting more women involved in decision-making in the global industrial competition, the environmental and climate crisis, and population crisis; increasing organizational creativity by having perspective diversity; and increasing quality and performance of businesses by having a better representation of women in management positions.


  1. DEMYSTIFY science and engineering;
  2. RAISE AWARENESS of the social impact of careers in STEM;
  3. SHOWCASE female role models in STEM to counter stereotypes;
  4. EQUIP WOMEN who choose careers in STEM and raise awareness in the field;
  5. SUPPORT elementary and secondary school teachers in science andtechnology;
  6. UNDERSTAND and report on the status of women in STEM in Quebec;
  7. DEVELOP RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION STRATEGIES for female studentsand professors in STEM.

Many thanks to our partners: Université de Sherbrooke, the Université de Sherbrooke Foundation, GE aviation Bromont, le Gouvernement du Québec, Telus Québec, Les aéroports de Montréal, Varitron Granby, Arkema, Association des minières du Québec, Blue Solutions Canada Inc., and Les Filles de la Charité du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus.


Through outreach and professional development activities, research, partnerships, thought leadership and online initiatives, we work with industry and academia to educate on the value of diversity for innovation, to inspire women to thrive and to celebrate the contributions of women in science and engineering.
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