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Indigenous Community

The Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education ProgramForrestlab

The Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program aims to heighten awareness among indigenous youth about the various careers and academic paths related to STEM fields.

Held yearly in six universities nation-wide, the program offers scholarships to First Nations, Métis or Inuit grade 11 high school students, giving them the opportunity to explore science or engineering as a member of a research team, where they will conduct experiments and attend lab meetings for a week.

The Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program was held on the University of Ottawa’s campus from May 13 to 18 2018.

For general information on the program and for application guidelines, visit the Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program’s webpage.

UOttawa’s Aboriginal Resource Centre

The University of Ottawa’s Aboriginal Resource Centre (ARC) collaborates with university’s faculties and services to develop initiatives supporting First Nations, Inuit and Métis students. The Centre provides indigenous students with services supporting classroom, career and personal needs in a culturally appropriate manner.

Actua’s National Indigenous Youth in STEM Program (InSTEM)

InSTEM is tailored to engage First Nations, Métis, and Inuit youth in STEM education programs.


The CREATE H2O program for First Nations water and sanitation security aims to eliminate gaps in research science and training that are preventing efficient and culturally adequate contributions to water security and sanitation on First Nations reserves.

Career Alliance 360 – Inspiring Girls in STEM / Indigenous Inclusion

This initiative from GeoConnections of Natural Resources Canada, aims to improve representation of women and Indigenous Peoples in STEM fields with emphasis on the northern Canada regions.

The Ontario Coalition of Indigenous People (OCIP)

The OCIP is an organization that works for the rights and the interests of First Nations individuals living off-reserve across Ontario.

The Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA)

ONWA ONWA not for profit organization aims to empower support Aboriginal women and their families in Ontario.

Design de Plume

Design de Plume is an independent graphic design company that is Indigenously owned and based in Sudbury Ontario. The Chair for Women in Science and Engineering collaborated with the northern Ontario-based team in order to modernize the Chair's image by revamping its logo, while also adding an indigenous element to it to represents Ontario's First Nations communities.

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Through outreach and professional development activities, research, partnerships, thought leadership and online initiatives, we work with industry and academia to educate on the value of diversity for innovation, to inspire women to thrive and to celebrate the contributions of women in science and engineering.
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