Our Programs

While 47% of the Canadian labour force is female, women make up only 22% of employees in natural sciences, engineering, and math. In universities, the numbers tell the same story. Women make up only 22% of students studying physics, 18% of students in engineering, and 14% in computer science.  CWSE-ON is working to address this gender imbalance. In collaboration with partners and volunteers from across the province, we deliver and support innovative outreach, research, networking and advocacy initiatives to help women make informed decisions at a number of stages - from early education to postsecondary programs to careers.


Youth Outreach

The CWSE-ON Youth Outreach program seeks to inspire young women in elementary and high school to explore science, engineering and technology and to consider careers in these fields. Our events and activities are fun, hands-on and interactive. We focus on eliminating stereotypes and presenting the multitude of opportunities that exist in these exciting areas of discovery and design! This is a great place for young women, parents and teachers to learn more and to get involved. No science or engineering knowledge is required.


Post-Secondary Students

Women in post-secondary programs in science and engineering find themselves in an enviable, but sometimes challenging position. Everyone can use a little help finding their way, particularly through the exciting, but sometimes daunting transitions of beginning post-secondary studies and deciding what to do upon completion. Our program works to support women in taking full advantage of the opportunities available both during and after completion of their studies. We organize events to help students connect with professionals and other role models, provide information and support to help women make informed decisions, and offer skills development opportunities to help students prepare for and succeed in their chosen field.


Promoting an Open and Positive Climate for Women in Science and Engineering

As locations of education and employment, universities play a pivotal role in both encouraging women to enter and remain in science and engineering fields. CWSE-ON is committed to understanding the current environment for women in science and engineering fields and to advancing positive changes, particularly within academia. Key components of our strategy to address climate are conducting relevant research, networking, collaborating and advocating for change, and promoting awareness of the under-representation of women in science and engineering fields.


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