ready, SET, go!

About Ready, SET, Go!

Ready, SET, Go! is a free workshop program that is designed to introduce Ontario students in grades 7-12 to the vast array of programs and career opportunities in science, engineering and technology. The workshop help students to understand the difference between working as a scientist, engineer and technologist, and the necessary requirements to get there. The workshop will be presented by a female role model and girls will be challenged to view science and technology in new ways that should appeal to their interests. However, the workshop is fully relevant for both male and female students.

The workshop includes:

  • 15-20 minute interactive PowerPoint presentation, explaining the role of scientists, engineers and technologists, and demonstrating new research and developments. It will touch on some of the exciting programs available at Ontario Universities and Colleges!
  • Hands-on engineering design project & competition
    • Collapsible structure design activity
  • Students work in teams to design and create a 3D collapsible space station while meeting specific design constraints.
  • Evaluation survey

Who can participate?

  • The elementary workshop is presented to grade 7 and 8 math and science classes.
  • The secondary school workshop fits with:
    • Grade 10 Careers
    • Grade 9 and 10 Science and Math (P or D)
    • Any Biology, Physics or Chemistry class
    • Technology Classes (i.e. Tech Design)

* When planning workshops for a secondary school, we try to avoid overlap between students receiving the presentation. For example, we would not present to grade 11U Biology and grade 11U Chemistry in the same year since many students will be in both classes. We will work with your school schedule to determine the best fit.

Print/distribute or email a copy of the RSG flyer to your colleagues.

Student and Teacher Feedback

"This was very cool. It was nice to learn about science. I got to learn things I never knew." -Elementary School Student

"I loved the spaceship challenge!" -Secondary School Student

"The workshop was great for both students and teachers alike." -Elementary School Teacher

"We're focusing on careers and this was really helpful!!" -Secondary School Teacher

What do I need?

All of the materials are provided for the workshop (including LCD projector for the PowerPoint), so students just need a pencil/pen and piece of scrap paper. The workshop can be presented in a lab (with a projector screen), a library or in a typical classroom.

How long is the workshop?

The workshop is 75-100 minutes in length (generally 1 high-school period), but we can adapt the length to suit the schedule of your school day. Most elementary schools allow 3 and most high schools allow 4 presentations per day maximum.

How do I bring Ready, SET, Go! to my school?

Simply download and print our RSG Workshop Request Sheet and fax your request to our Outreach Coordinator at (FAX) 519-836-0227. 

Alternatively, you can provide the information by email to our Outreach Coordinator or call 519-824-4120 ext. 53674 for more information.

We look forward to visiting your school!


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