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Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour National Conference Grant



The Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour National Conference Grant is administered by the NSERC CWSE Chairs. Applications for funding are accepted three times per year. Applications may be submitted by individual students, professors, administrators or professionals during the intake periods. All received applications will be reviewed for approval. 

Intake periods are:
  • Winter: January 7 to January 15
  • Summer: May 7 to May 15
  • Fall: September 7 to September 15


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The funds are intended to be distributed among disciplines and among the five regions assigned to each of the five Chairs across Canada. Grants of up to $2,000 will be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

The objective of the Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour National Conference Grant is to support the organization of non-profit national conferences to contribute to the advancement of women in STEM.

Eligible activities for consideration include:

  • Activities to enhance women’s participation in STEM
  • Activities that promote women’s leadership participation
  • Activities that complement student education.
Application Process

Application forms along with a cover letter must be submitted by email to [email protected]. Each applicant must submit the Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour National Conference Grant Application Form fully completed. The application includes the following sections.

  • Contact information.
  • A description of the event or program.
  • A clear description of the national scope of the proposed event. 
  • Expected number of participants, number of women/girls. 
  • A proposed budget that includes all expenses and sources of funding.
  • Other sources of funding.
  • A description of how you intend to share the knowledge gained.
  • A statement that the applicant has read, understood and complied with the information presented in the application submission.
Evaluation Process

Applications will be evaluated individually by the Chairs. The decisions of the Chairs are final and are not subject to appeal. Applications received after the event has taken place will not be considered. It is therefore important that the event under consideration should be planned for at least 8 weeks after the application intake period.

After the evaluation, an email message will be sent to all applicants informing them of the funding decision and reporting requirements in the event of a favourable decision. 

Conferences that have not benefited from previous CWSE National Network funding will be prioritized.

Eligible Expenditures
  • Registration fees, meeting materials, meeting expenses, meals for participants.
  • Travel expenses: Applicants are encouraged to use the most economical travel arrangements available and suitable to the travellers’ needs. Applications quoting high fares due to lack of planning will not be considered favourably.
    • Transportation (airfare, train, bus, car)
    • Accommodations 
    • Meals (if not included in the conference). If the maximum allocated for each meal is exceeded the fund will only cover the portion allocated.
  • The funds will not cover, under any circumstance, the purchase of alcohol.
Post Award Guidelines

To process the payment or reimbursement, successful applicants need to send by mail or email:

  • A letter of acceptance.
  • Original invoices, receipts and boarding passes.
  • A travel reimbursement form duly completed and signed if applicable.
  • Post-Conference correspondence should be sent by email containing: 
    • Summary description of the event.
    • Impact of the conference or the learning experience related to this activity. 
    • Pictures of the event.
    • Numbers of participants (Number of female/male participants).
    • Communities reached. 
    • Regions impacted. 
    • Outcomes and any metrics if available. 
    • Summary of social media communications and how the CWSE National Network was acknowledged. 


Please not that invoices should be made out to:

University of Ottawa 

c/o Prof. Catherine Mavriplis 

National Network of NSERC CWSE

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

161 Louis Pasteur, A331

Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5

Additional Information

Information requests can be sent to [email protected].

The proposal need not be longer than 3 pages.


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