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Apply by deadline MARCH 18th to uOttawa 2020 Women Undergraduate Summer Student Research Awards

This year again, the Faculty of Engineering, in collaboration with the Office of Vice President Research (OVPR), will offer five (5) “Women Undergraduate Summer Student Research Awards” to stimulate interest amongst women undergraduate engineering and computer science students to pursue research in a laboratory at the Faculty. The awards are intended to encourage students to pursue graduate studies in engineering or computer science.

Who is eligible for an award?

The award is only open to female students in the Faculty of Engineering. The student must fulfill all the conditions given below to be considered for an award:

  • · Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada;
  • · Full-time registration in one of the undergraduate programs of the Faculty during the academic year immediately preceding the tenure of the award;
  • · A cumulative grade point average of 6.0 (B) and above.

Please note that priority will be given to students having completed the 2nd and 3rd years of their programs of studies.

Value of the awards

These awards have a value of $4,000 for a full 16-week period. The supervising professor must provide funding for a minimum of $2,000, bringing the total value of the award to a minimum of $6,000.

Candidates enrolled in cooperative education must demonstrate that other sources of funding, such as the work-study program, are not available.

Duration of the awards

The duration of the award is 16 consecutive weeks on a full-time basis. The award is typically held during the summer months. Tenure may start on a date acceptable to both the student and the supervising professor.

Application procedure

  • · The student must find a supervising professor at the Faculty of Engineering who is willing to supervise and fund the student in an area of her interest. You are welcome to be proactive in this regard and contact potential applicants directly.
  • · The supervising professor should submit a letter not exceeding one page to the Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies, outlining the proposed research activity. The letter should contain the beginning date of the award, the citizenship, academic status and standing of the student, and a rationale for her selection for the Award. The letter should be signed by both the student and the professor.
  • · The letter shoud be accompanied by a copy of the student’s most recent transcript.

The applications are due no later than 4 pm on March 18, 2020, by e-mail to Ms. Olga Golovachova at [email protected] with a subject line: Women Undergraduate Summer Student Research Awards. All received applications will be acknowledged by e-mail.

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