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Mathematics, Applied mathematics, Statistics

Mathematicians describe and recognize patterns and make abstractions about them. They may use what they learn to draw conclusions about the natural world, or they may manipulate pure abstractions out of sheer joy. They do research in fields both pure mathematics and applied mathematics, and establish links between the two. Many other fields, such as engineering, chemistry, physics and even financial markets benefits from mathematics research.

The following women have made great strides in the field of mathematics:


Dr. Elizabeth Cannon is a Geomatics Engineer and a world expert in the research and development of satellite navigation tools using GPS. Dr. Cannon is the former NSERC/Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering for the Prairie Region, and in 2010 became the president of the University of Calgary.







Cathleen Synge Morawetz is known for “pioneering advances in partial differential equations and wave propagation resulting in application to aerodynamics, acoustics, and optics.” In December 1998, this Canadian woman was awarded with the National Medal of Science, the US’s highest science honour. She was the first woman to receive the medal for work in mathematics.




Evelyn C. PielouEvelyn C. Pielou has contributed significantly to the development of mathematical ecology, the mathematical modeling of natural systems. She wrote many books, ranging in topic from mathematical ecology to popular science books, such as her last book, “Fresh Water”.

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