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Anyone who has a deep interest in the physical properties of the Earth might be interested in a career as a geophysicist. Some geophysicists spend most of their time outdoors studying various features of the Earth, and others spend most of their time indoors using computers for modeling and calculations. Some geophysicists use these methods to find oil, iron, copper, and many other minerals. Some evaluate earth properties for environmental hazards and evaluate areas for dams or construction sites. Research geophysicists study the internal structure and evolution of the earth, earthquakes, the ocean and other physical features using these methods.

Check out these successful Geophysicists:

Claire Samson is Chair of Carleton’s Department of Earth Sciences, Claire Samson established a research group to pilot the use of an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) outfitted with a 3D camera to explore mines and blasting rock more safely and more efficiently.






Lorraine Mitchelmore is Shell Canada’s CEO and Board Member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. She spent 12 years overseas working in various exploration and production roles from Australia, to the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Africa and the Middle East.




Charlotte Keen has been internationally recognized as a research scientist with Geological Survey of Canada for her involvement in LITHOPROBE, the largest earth science project ever undertaken in Canada. The project studied the evolution of the continent by examining the geology of the continental lithosphere of the ocean floor. “What earth scientists try to figure out is the story of how they [rocks] got to where they are today,” explains Charlotte. An inspiration to a generation of women in Earth Science.


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