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Zaineb Al-Faesly

 Dear First Year Z,

Welcome to year 1 out of 5! Yes, you ended up staying here for 5 years… Which if you knew at first year, you would have been very upset about. But you know what? That last fifth year is really going to be something you are eternally grateful for.

Spoiler: you switched programs. And that is okay. You always start somewhere, and you somehow end up elsewhere. What matters is that you finished! You got your iron ring and you walked the stage – you are now a #uOGrad!

You are going to struggle. Like a lot. Fail a class (or two…), lose a scholarship, get rejected from a job or a research opportunity. But! Equally, if not more, you will triumph. You will win awards and scholarships, get invited to speak at conferences and events, get As on many classes, travel across the country, get elected to join committees, boards, councils etc. and that is just some of the stuff you will embark on in the next five years. Strap your belts!

To get ready for the ride, always remember two things:

1. Success goes hand in hand with failure 2. Rejection is inevitable

If you remember these two things, I have no doubt you will succeed (and you will).


Future Z

Zaineb's Biographie

Zaineb Al-Faesly is a University of Ottawa Civil Engineering alumna, STEM enthusiast, and serious coffee lover. She currently manages the Richard L’Abbé Makerspace at the Centre for Engineering and Entrepreneurship Design at the Faculty of Engineering. She might be pursuing a masters soon, however, current Z doesn’t know so please do check in with Future Z to find out...


Representing uOttawa at the Engineers Without Borders xChange National Conference in Edmonton

Driving to and Instructing at Go ENG Girl in Casselman Using the Makermobile

Representing uOttawa Engineering at the BMO X Catalyst Millennial Leaders Advisory Council in Toronto

Showcasing the uOttawa Makerspace at Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada Innovation Lab in Ottawa

Celebrating Excellence Ceremony in Ottawa

Holding the CEMF X Vale Engineering Ambassador Award

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