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Crayon Canvas Art

This experiment requires very few materials and little work, however the results are simply fascinating! 

IMG 0766 melting the crayons 225x300

The only materials that you need are a pack of crayons, thick cardboard (or even a small paint canvas), and some rays of sunshine!

 For this experiment you will need to fasten the crayons onto the cardboard side by side in any order that you would like (place them in a row at the top as the wax from the crayons will drop downwards). You can do so using strong tape to do this or even superglue the crayons onto the surface of the cardboard/canvas. Next, lay the cardboard outside at an angle facing the sun.

 You will see after a few minutes of being in the sun that the crayons will melt and the wax will slide down the canvas and create an intriguing effect.

 For the rainy day version of this activity, lay out a plastic mat or some newspaper on a chosen surface where you can place your canvas. With a lack of sunshine on a rainy afternoon, you need to find another source of heat! Grab a hair dryer and begin targeting your crayons and watch as they melt before your eyes! Ensure that you do not blow on the crayons too closely (keep a 2-3 inch gap between the end of your blow dryer and the crayons). Ensure that you are blowing the wax in one direction.

Once the wax is melted, leave your new art piece to cool down and dry. Be sure to put your new masterpiece up in your room! Show off your creativity. You can make different patterns with the different colours that you choose.

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