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Watchful Walk

This activity is all about learning from your environment! Be observant and you will find that the world is full of surprises waiting to be sought out and discovered.

Sometimes it seems that math concepts are very abstract and have no real-life value, especially when you always see math as numbers on paper… but the truth is, math is everywhere you look, even outside in nature.

For your walk you will need a pen, a notebook, and measuring tape (not required but can come in handy). Your notebook will be your best friend during your watchful walk.

Adult supervision may be required, remember to ask first before heading out.

You can print this page so that once you see the following things out during your walk, you can draw a checkmark next to it.

 For each of the following things that you find, you must draw what you saw on your walk in your notebook, so that you can keep track of your findings!

Shapes and solids:

  • A square
  • A cube
  • A rectangle
  • A square-based pyramid
  • A triangle
  • A sphere
  • A cylinder
  • A four-legged animal
  • A spiral
  • An object or structure that has a square, a rectangle, and a triangle in it
  • A circle


Plants and animals:

  •  A flower that is one colour
  • A flower that has two or more colours
  • An insect
  • A flying animal or insect
  • A mammal’s habitat
  • An insect habitat
  • A spider web
  • Animal tracks
  • Animal food



You can repeat this activity any day, and keep adding to your notebook. It’s a great way to find new and exciting life that you might not notice unless you stop to look and listen to the sights and sounds around you. Try not to draw any repetitions, and see how fast you can fill up your notebook!

You can also step-up the activity by taking pictures and making your very own adventure scrapbook!

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