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Stephanie Lossifidis

Stephanie's Biography

Stephanie Iossifidis is a Computer Engineering graduate from Ryerson University. In her final year of undergrad, Stephanie's engineering design project earned several awards including the 2014 IEEE Canada CCECE Humanitarian Student Initiative Award. Upon graduation, Stephanie worked at FlexITy Solutions as a Jr. Solution Integrator, focusing on wireless AP design. She then made the transition to telecommunications at Rogers Communications where she currently works as a Platform Specialist in End to End Core Voice and Data Services. In her pastime, Stephanie enjoys volunteering for organizations including TIFF and The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

Platform Specialist, End-to-End Voice Services at Rogers Communications

In operations, we deal with new and different cases everyday. This means I am constantly challenged and learning on the go. I work on the Rogers wireless network, which means I get to make sure the voice services our customers rely on everyday are up and running!

I am most proud of my Cable 101: HFC Access Networks presentation. During my time with the Wireline Access Planning team, I learned the whole outside plant and was able to put together a presentation that explains our outside plant network. It was presented to our VP team and CEO. It showed at a high-level what we have in the network. Now it is used as training material for new hires and our service technicians as a voiced-over presentation.

Great managers. I have had the opportunity to work for two really great managers who have encouraged me to be involved and to take on tasks that challenge me in different ways. This has helped me continue to grow early in my career, and to think about where I want to go in the future.

Do what you love, and love what you do. If you don't walk in with a smile on your face, it might be time to try something new! Don't be afraid to try new things.

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