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Adrienne Sy

Adrienne's Biography

Adrienne Sy is a Research Technologist with Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). DRDC is an agency of Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) which provides the Canadian Armed Forces, government agencies, academia, and industrial clients with knowledge and expertise in defence and national security.

Adrienne started as a co-op student at DRDC – Toronto and developed a keen interest in research after working with various inspiring scientists and technologists. After she graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2016 with a B. Sc. in Kinesiology, she began her career in the Occupational Health and Performance section. She is part of a network of scientists and technologists whose research primarily focuses on characterizing, evaluating, and improving soldier performance using the field of biomechanics and physical ergonomics.

BSc in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo

Research Technologist

As my work contributes directly to science for our Canadian Armed Forces, I am incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to work with and for those who serve us. In addition, the projects I work on are dynamic and always changing, this allows to me to constantly challenge myself and grow; I’m always learning and I love that!

I worked with a Defence Scientist to leverage data from multiple experiments to develop a statistical model to predict the effects of soldier personal protective equipment on mobility. This gave me the opportunity to analyze and report on results with direct meaningful application which were presented at international meetings.

The encouraging attitudes of role models and coworkers in my organization as well as enjoying the work I do has helped me the most. It has been inspiring to see the works and success of those around me.

Believe in yourself the first time someone offers you a difficult task or opportunity. Sometimes people need multiple prompts and encouragement before they stop doubting themselves, but at that point you may come to the possibility that the opportunity is no longer available. If you were offered the opportunity in the first place, someone believed that you would succeed, and you most likely will if you put your mind to it.

Through outreach and professional development activities, research, partnerships, thought leadership and online initiatives, we work with industry and academia to educate on the value of diversity for innovation, to inspire women to thrive and to celebrate the contributions of women in science and engineering.
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