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Nadia Malik

“My #AeroPassion is Business Aircraft Interiors!”
Nadia's Biography

I graduated from McGill University with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering followed by an MBA at HEC Montreal. I started my career at Bombardier Aerospace as a summer intern and was hired upon graduation. And, 15 years later I’m still here enjoying the ride! I have been extremely fortunate to have worked in many different roles with increasing responsibility throughout the years and understand the interdependencies and intricacies of the organization . From Customer Support Engineering, Project Engineering, Product Planning/Marketing, Customer Experience and now Quality/Production I have been exposed to entire product life cycle of the aircraft.

I am currently the Quality Manager for the Challenger Business Aircraft responsible for preflight, paint, certification, documentation and delivery. My Team and I are responsible for the quality of the product that leaves our facility.

Bombardier Aerospace is the face of Aerospace in Canada. We are at the forefront of designing state of the art aircraft, pushing the limits and making sure we have the most competitive products in the market!

Working with all the people that are so passionate about aviation and come in to work every day to make a difference! It’s truly a privilege.

Being involved in the conception, launch and then development of the Global 7000/8000 Business Aircraft. Everyone in aviation should work in product development to understand what it takes to bring a product to market.

“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.” – E.B. White

No one comes to work to do a bad job but people give to their maximum when you as a leader set the bar for the team and are there to help them succeed. I take the Team’s successes or failures as my own as I am the one who is responsible to drive and motivate them. Having fun along the way in a fast-paced/demanding environment is also key and I never forget to lose sight of that with the Team.

Women in leadership in Aerospace is still very limited and I hope we see more women in leadership positions. I believe women bring a different dimension to conversations and a very important dynamic to the workplace. I am an active coach for women in the workforce and in aviation and am involved at the University level as well to encourage women to join the Aviation World.

Never give up on a chance that comes your way, even if it’s frightening. Pushing the boundaries, even out of your comfort zone, is when you grow the most.

Through outreach and professional development activities, research, partnerships, thought leadership and online initiatives, we work with industry and academia to educate on the value of diversity for innovation, to inspire women to thrive and to celebrate the contributions of women in science and engineering.
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