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Sameneh Sarraf

Sameneh's Biography

I am currently working as a research and development engineer at Sagatech electronics. I came to Sagatech as part of Mitacs internship program during my PhD in Biomedical engineering at University of Manitoba and continued working with them after my graduation. I got my master’s and undergraduate degrees in biomedical engineering from Amirkabair University of Technology in Iran and came to Canada to study my PhD.

Research and development engineer at Sagatech electronics. I am involved in design of hardware and development of embedded software for several medical devices and prototypes developed in Sagatech electronics. Sagatech has been a pioneer in home sleep recorders and has developed a large database of sleep studies over the last 10 years. I have got the opportunity to be involved in doing research studies focusing on flow limitation in diagnosis of sleep apnea.

What I like about my job is the opportunity to learning new technologies and integrate them into the existing designs to improve the quality of the signals that are used for diagnoses. Developing algorithms for data analysis is also a very interesting part of my job.

Having a degree in biomedical engineering gave me a better insight about biological signal acquisition and analysis. The experience I gained during my graduate studies in signal processing fit well with my work in medical device industry, whose goal is to develop a reliable data acquisition and diagnostic system.

That there is always a lot to learn about.

Back in my graduate studies, I was working on my research project, which was the acoustical modelling of swallowing mechanisms. Recently, the most enjoyable project I was involved in was my first experience in designing a prototype for a new sleep recorder, and I had to learn every module of the recorder and put them together to build the device.

Math and biology were my favorite subjects in high school. I was interested in electrical engineering, and when I learned about biomedical engineering, I decided to pursue my career as a biomedical engineer.

I have had the privilege to have amazing female engineer mentors, who inspire a lot of female students to pursue engineering. With the work of these great mentors, I hope to see more women in biomedical engineering in future.

Learn as much as you can and never be afraid to ask questions.

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