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Janet Davis

Janet's Biography

I joined Bell Northern Research (BNR) in 1984 after receiving my Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering (1983) from McMaster University and had a 20+ year career working there in many different divisions, mostly on the DMS switching line and taking DMS Core through many generations of evolution. During my first few years working at BNR I also completed my Masters degree in Electrical Engineering (1987) from Carleton University .

Currently I am a senior manager of the Linux Base Platform team at Ciena. I have held many IEEE positions over the years: student branch exec, R7 student rep, Student Activities Committee industrial rep, Section newsletter editor, and Section TISP chair.

I enjoy organizing events and working with students and hope to create new opportunities for professionals and students to interact.

I am a Senior Manager at Ciena (Kanata). I manage a Linux Software Base team that looks after initial board bring up of new hardware and maintains the kernel and platform software.

Ciena is a world leader in optical technology and packet networking. Ciena combines the right technologies with a consultative approach to build intelligent networks that connect buildings and continents.

My favourite part of the job is interacting with the team and working together to bring new ideas to life.

The best advice I’ve received is not to be afraid to change the world. If you have a good idea figure out how to make it happen and don’t give up.

Teamwork is very important. The size of the projects we like to work on means we require many people in order to be successful.



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