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Anne Condon

Anne's Biography

Anne Condon’s research currently focuses on DNA programming – the art and science of writing programs that are realized and executed by DNA. Anne received her Bachelor’s degree from University College Cork, Ireland, and her Ph.D. at the University of Washington. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and received the Computing Research Association’s Habermann Award for her work on increasing the numbers and successes of women in computing research.

Professor, Department of Computer Science, U. British Columbia, Vancouver, CA; previously Department Head (2011-2015) and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Science (2007-2010).

As a Computer Science Professor, my work focuses on teaching, advising and research.

I very much enjoy working with students. I also love problem solving, writing, and learning new things.

With close to 1500 undergraduates currently in our programs, we are educating the computer scientists of the future. Our department has many cross-disciplinary programs and a second degree program that provides students with opportunities to connect computer science with other fields.

One example is my work with colleagues in the BC Cancer research agency – our methods can help to determine appropriate treatments for various cancers.

Making a difference for Canada. One of our most important clients is the Canadian government, so every day I get to see first-hand the impact of what I do for Canada.

I very much hope that more girls and women will find fulfillment and meaning in computer science careers. It’s a creative, intellectually rich and fun field.




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