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Amanda Shiga

Amada's Biography

Amanda currently holds the position of Vice President at Nonlinear Creations, where she leads the Digital delivery practice. She brings more than 15 years’ experience designing and building web-based solutions across multiple verticals including internet services, banking, non-profit, health, government, and manufacturing.

Amanda is designated as a Sitecore MVP, an award that recognizes exceptional technical community leaders from around the world. She writes and speaks regularly at industry events, leads a technical user group in Toronto, and is a member of the Women’s Executive Council, Women’s Executive Network and Digital Analytics Association. She has also volunteered with Ottawa Young Entrepreneurs to appraise business pitches.

Amanda holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa and a M.A.Sc. in Technology Innovation Management from Carleton University. Outside of work, she enjoys cycling, hiking, photography, and music.

I am Vice President, Digital at Nonlinear Creations. I wear a lot of hats but focus on two main things: managing our delivery teams in Canada and Brazil, and building and selling our practice. We help our clients be successful online, and our services range from web strategy to user experience to technical design and implementation.

Nonlinear Creations has provided web-related services to Canadian organizations since 1995 and employs a locally-based workforce of smart, talented strategists and architects. We work closely with the local arms of our technology partners Microsoft and Sitecore, and we’re actively involved in Toronto and Ottawa technical communities.

It boils down to two things: the great people I get to work with, and the cool solutions we get to build. I love connecting with technical communities at conferences and user groups, and I love going to Brazil and spending time with my team there (I’ve been down to our Brazil office four times last year). Not to mention the great organizations we get to work with: our clients and the hardworking people within the marketing and IT teams. Secondly, as a technical architect at heart, I still love brainstorming elegant solutions that make our clients’ lives easier and make great use of their technology investments.

In digital marketing, there is still a gap between the technology currently available to personalize, optimize, predict and automate the customer experience, and the capabilities of many marketing teams. Many organizations struggle with new skill-sets, the huge array of marketing platforms and the governance structure required to make everything work well together. My current mission is to help bridge this gap and democratize these capabilities; I want to help marketers take strong first steps forward. Data is a huge part of that.

We’re also helping clients figure out how their systems fit together and how to bring together different streams of data to paint a full picture of customer interactions. Applying business intelligence and machine learning tactics to digital marketing is an exciting world we’re entering.

Differentiate yourself early by building skills in a technology with a strong, existing and recognizable community around it. This skill could be a specific vendor platform, or an open-source software, or even a methodology. Specializing will give you a very practical skills edge, while building a network with a “career family” (aka people with the same expertise) that serves as an incredible launchpad for branching out and advancing.



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