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Soumi Ghosh

Soumi's Biography

I am MASc. graduate in electrical and computer engineering. Currently, I am working as a Firmware Developer. I work on embedded systems and maintain interest in protocol and standards for wireless communication systems.

Primary Occupation: Firmware Developer, Gymtrack Inc., Ottawa.

Secondary Occupations: 1. Head, Science and Research Reviews, at WINGD, Ottawa. 2. Centre Instructor, Oxford Learning Centre(OLC), Orleans Ottawa.

As a Firmware Developer, I develop the firmware driving the embedded systems. In WINGD, I author and edit Science and Research Reviews. At OLC , I teach Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Gymtrack Inc., can be concurrently placed in the health and fitness industry along with IoTs and wearable technology. WINGD’s Science & Research review team is focussed on bringing innovation, research and technology to the people in the simplest words. Our motto is to engage people in reading and gathering information on STEM developments. OLC does not fit in IT industry, but is an excellent platform to encourage students for STEM.

As a firmware developer I get to work with wireless devices and digital systems. I get to learn the extensive protocols in the process.

In my MASc program I worked on Aeronautical Ad Hoc Networks. That was super fun. I got to put forward an architecture for AANETs and complete network analysis for the same. Recently I have been working with RFID and Bluetooth systems. Building interactive wireless solutions is simply amazing!

Try and find the N possible solutions to a problem, select the best and do a worst case analysis. Always be prepared with a plan for system failures, if you don’t have one keep thinking on it, that keeps your mind busy and not idle. Let the process of finding solutions keep you awake and not the stress!!

For now I will be concentrating on firmware development and related systems associated to it, specially wireless systems. Down the road I would like to proceed forward with a PhD program, contribute in developing communication protocols for our future ubiquitous networks, delve more into digital communication systems & protocols, and be able to teach at University.

I am associated with three different work forces at present. In each, I believe our teams act both as a motivator and accelerator for team members to reach the set goals. A finished product delivered to the user is never an endeavour of a single individual. Behind every perfect user experience there is always teamwork.

Learning and innovating have always been two major motivators for me.





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