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Amenda Chow

“Mathematics, to me is using logic, symbols and numbers to describe the world in which we live.”
Amenda's Biography

Amenda is a mathematics lecturer at the University of Waterloo. She teaches a wide range of introductory to advanced topics related to calculus, control theory and Fourier analysis. She is also a published author of scientific papers and has travelled internationally and throughout Canada to share her research at conferences and workshops. Her research focuses on controlling the stability behaviour of dynamical systems governed by differential equations. She is also interested in mathematics education and is actively pursing professional development and research in this area.

Having been interested in mathematics at an early age, Amenda pursued mathematics at university and obtained both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree at the University of Alberta. This was followed by a PhD degree at the University of Waterloo. All three degrees are in applied mathematics, which uses mathematics to model and solve real world problems. Some problems that Amenda has investigated include controlling magnetization, modelling the distribution of heat over time, and analyzing coagulation and fragmentation processes.

As a university student, I realized that mathematics requires its own unique and extremely precise language. This is needed in order to communicate mathematical solutions effectively and rigorously. Consequently, this skill has translated to other aspects of my life and has allowed me to become an excellent communicator.

Every day I look forward to inspiring young minds to appreciate the beauty of mathematics. When students are able to comprehend the ingenuity of mathematics in my lectures, I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride.

I enjoy cooking and creating tasty meals for my family and friends.

Many of the senior instructors at the University of Waterloo have shared with me their experiences and wisdom. Their guidance has been invaluable in my development as a lecturer.

From an early age, I was confident that my career would involve mathematics in some way; however, I did not know that I would be a lecturer at one of the most highly recognized Canadian universities for mathematics education and research. I am honoured to be part of an institution that holds the learning and development of mathematics in such high regard.

Work hard and try your best. Learning mathematics and applying it to solve practical problems will involve both successes and failures, and it is important to learn from these experiences.

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